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2023 Charger Dive Club Invitational
Feb 18-19

Welcome to our 2023 Charger Dive Club Invitational!!

The meet will take place February 18-19 on President’s Day 

We hope you find the information you need on this page.

Here are printable Meet Informational packets - Novice and 

JO/Novice Platform

If you have any questions, please use our contact page.

2023 CDC Invitational: Text
2023 CDC Invitational: Location

Cypress Campus Map




For JO and Novice Platform (Events 3,4,7,8), please register here  at

$45 per event

For Novice (Events 1,2,5,6), please register using this link.

$35 per event


Each athlete that registers will receive a packet with some fun surprises.​


This event is sanctioned by USA Diving. All participants must have a current USA Diving membership.


Adult and Non-Athlete memberships are no longer instant and cannot be applied for at the event.


Please allow 10 days for membership to be processed. Participants are encouraged to visit the USA Diving website to obtain their membership.​



1st Place Trophy, and medals for all participants from second place on.


Meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided for coaches.


The pool deck is very expansive, and teams can set-up canopies to provide shade. There is also a balcony with picnic tables and umbrellas around the entire pool that provide a unique spectator view for photography and video recording.​



Open warm-ups for all athletes will be 7:00-8:30am on both days, and the boards will close for event warm-ups 30 minutes prior to the start of each event.


Outdoor. Two 1m, one 3m, Maxi-Flex B boards on concrete stands, and one 5m platform. There is a hot tub on deck, locker rooms in the pool will be open, and hot showers will be available. 

The pool is located in the center of campus next to Building 12


There will be a taco cart to purchase food and other vendors will be on deck.​​



Parking and admission for spectators is 
FREE, however a large swap meet is hosted in the north parking lot (Lot 9) every weekend. Parking is always available, but there maybe a short walk to the pool.


Cypress College is less than 4 miles from Knott’s Berry Farm and less than 7 miles from Disneyland, which provides families an opportunity to have some fun after the meet on this holiday weekend.



2023 CDC Invitational: Event Details


Saturday, Feb 18

Event 1

7:00-8:30am Open Warm Up
8:30-9am Event Warm Up

9 & Under Girls 1m Novice 
10-14 Girls 1m Novice 
9 & Under Boys 3m Novice 
10-14 Boys 3m Novice 

Event 2

30min Event Warm Up

15-18 Girls 1m Novice 
15-18 Boys 3m Novice


Event 3


Warm Up @ 12pm

11 & Under Girls 3m JO
12-13 Girls 3m JO
11 & Under Boys 1m JO
12-13 Boys 1m JO
14-18 Girls Novice Platform
14-18 Boys Novice Platform


Event 4


30min Event Warm Up

14-15 Girls 1m JO
16-18 Girls 1m JO
Senior Women 1m
14-15 Boys 3m JO
16-18 Boys 3m JO
Senior Men 3m
9 & Under Girls Platform Novice
9 & Under Boys Platform Novice
10-11 Girls Platform Novice
10-11 Boys Platform Novice
11 & Under Girls Platform JO
12-13 Girls Platform Novice
12-13 Girls Platform JO
11 & Under Boys Platform JO
12-13 Boys Platform Novice
12-13 Boys Platform JO

Sunday, Feb 19

Event 5

7:00-8:30am Open Warm Up
8:30-9am Event Warm Up 

9 & Under Girls 3m Novice 
10-14 Girls 3m Novice 
9 & Under Boys 1m Novice 
10-14 Boys 1m Novice 

Event 6

30min Event Warm Up

15-18 Girls 3m Novice
15-18 Boys 1m Novice

Event 7


Warm up @ 12pm

11 & Under Girls 1m JO
12-13 Girls 1m JO
11 & Under Boys 3m JO
12-13 Boys 3m JO

Event 8


30min Event Warm Up

14-15 Girls 3m JO
16-18 Girls 3m JO
Senior Women 3m
14-15 Boys 1m JO
16-18 Boys 1m JO
Senior Men 1m

2023 CDC Invitational: Events
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